Sunday, October 12, 2008

Festa in Little Italy

     Today is Festa in Little Italy we are starting out with breakfast at our house we have family and friends coming over. After breakfast some of us will walk up to Little Italy and check out the Festa. I am looking forward to seeing the artist which draw the most beautiful pavement drawings on the streets. 
     For breakfast we had a feast of eggs, country potato's, french toast, bagels and of course menudo. Janene made an "amazing" batch of french toast. what a great gathering of friends and relatives we enjoyed each others company. Jeff and Kristi's wedding was the topic of conversation and how great it was to see everyone. Trey and Jenna our nephew & wife from Arizona, arrived a little late, they had  driven from Orange County on their way home to Flagstaff after attending a friends wedding. They visited with us enjoyed some great eats then we said our good byes to them and we walked over to the Festa, where we viewed the Pavement Drawings and the works they had created, we visited the various booths selling food, and lots of merchandise with " I am Italian" slogans. Dreamed a little with Janene as she was trying out a new Vespa to cruise around on. The weather was perfect and the sights were spectacular. Cio!

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