Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cape Point

Day two of our travels, got up early this morning, like 2:30 am I guess my body clock is a little wacky. We left the hotel on our tour bus early this morning we had a full day of touring, the destination today is Cape Point and The Cape of Good Hope once on the road we traveled through some scenic country, mountains sculptured by time provided the backdrop for the tour. It has rained or sprinkled since we left the hotel lucky for us every time we stop the rain has stopped and has not been a real problem, a little rain water won't hurt us. We got our fist peak at the wild life here in South Africa we saw a family of Baboon, very entertaining to watch, but as we were told can be very dangerous. We arrive at Cape Point and experienced the view, Photo-op and learned what a 'Funicular' was. Made a stop at "The Cape of Good Hope" Photo-op, Toni had a great idea and got the entire tour group to pose for a photo by the Cape sign, very fun. Our next stop was lunch at Seaforth Beach Restaurant, we had a great fish lunch and walked it off by visiting the South African Penguin Colony up the street, Vennessa was very excited, I think it made her trip so far. For me our final destination made my day "Kirstenbosch" I won't say more I am going back tomorrow, you'll just have to wait till the next time

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