Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from New York

Hello everyone Toni, Steve, Vennessa and Myself have spent the last couple of days exploring The Big Apple, you know New York City. The first night we walked to Times Square, and Rockefeller Plaza, that Times Square is like Las Vegas the way it's lit up and so many people doing their thing it was fantastic, Rockefeller Plaza was amazing too with this huge Christmas Tree next to the skating ring and more people, very, very cool and very, very cold here, you ought to listen to all the different languages spoken in this city, English is very rarely heard. The next day we took a subway ride down to Battery Park, were we walked down to the edge of the park and looked across the bay to the Statue of Liberty, our next stop was Wall Street, checked out the Brass Bull, you know photo op, continued our walk to Trinity Church and the site of the 9-11 attack, very busy around here, as we continued our walk we saw the Brooklyn Bridge, China Town, Little Italy where we enjoyed a bottle of Vino and some cheese bread, what fun it has been visiting with the O'lears and enjoying Toni's company. By this time of the day the temperature began to drop and made walking and carrying our back-pack very uncomfortable with over 40 blocks still to go we had to take a pub break and drink a couple of Stella's to get our energy up. Other highlights were SOHO, Greenwich Village, The Empire State Building, we decided not the go to the top since the line went down the block and we were to cold to wait around. We enjoyed the windows at Macy's Department store but lots of people at every turn and visited the gift shop of The Sex Meausem. Our third day was a rainy walk up to Central Park to check it out, as we walked we stopped and had our first New York Bagel, even in the rain and cold this city never rest, the small part of Central Park we enjoyed was nice with all the tall buildings surrounding it and a beautiful frozen pond with ducks trying to stay warm. We found out that the store that our Godson Paul works at was across from Central Park, 'Bergdorf Goodman' fancy, so we dropped in on him on a chance he would be working said hello and Merry Christmas. We worked our way back towards the hotel stopping a various department stores and stopped at Trump Plaza, the best part was our first New York Pizza at Ray's it was excellent and very cozy. Now we are just killing a little time to see what we are going to do tonite, Christmas Eve maybe go have a nice dinner somewhere drink a little Vino walk around some more who knows. I have taken a bunch of pictures of the city as soon as I can load them onto Picasa I will do so, so all of you can enjoy the sites along with us. We are having a great time the only problem is this cold weather you have to bundle up to go anywhere and unbundled when you get there what a hassle and then re bundle when you leave where ever you are visiting, I do miss our San Diego weather we sure are spoiled how lucky we are.

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