Monday, February 9, 2009

Awaken by an elephant?

Awaken by the sound of a tropical rain, steady and forceful not like our San Diego rains which usually come accompanied by wind. I quickly jump out of bed and open the shutters to let in the morning smells and sounds. As I stand on our veranda I gaze upon the view, reflecting on our adventure. Who would have thought a couple of kids from National City would ever in their wildest dreams be sitting in the middle of Africa, a world away. Yet when you look under the covers sort of speak, you notice the people are all the same, culturally different, but the same. All we want is food, shelter, clothing, to raise our families and have a degree of ambition.
My thoughts are suddenly interrupted by the sound of what I think to be an elephant. I yell "Elephant", Toni jumps out of bed, I'm looking for our binoculars as the sound becomes louder. We dress quickly and rush out to the top of the hotel bar where we have a bird's eye view of the watering hole. What do we see?

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