Friday, March 5, 2010

Update Jef and Kristi's New Home

Toni and I met Jeff and Kristi at the soon to be new Mr. and Mrs. Tague Residence. It was Wednesday about 1:00 pm, Toni and I got there early so we took a drive around the neighborhood and yes Toni approved. To describe it Jeff and Kristi will be living on a hill, but we call it Rattle Snake Mountain. The condos are the first development as you work your way into the rest of the homes, the pool and community room are the first things you see as you drive into the development. Jeff and Kristi's place are at the far north east area with views of the Lagunas and Lakeside Valley. Well Mid-May is the target move in date. I added some new pictures so you could see the progress as well as some old ones I hope you enjoy.

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