Saturday, August 27, 2011

Venturing out of San Jose

Cabo San Lucas, can almost be described as a little Las Vegas, crazy with high rises and people trying to sell you time shares. But if you need a place to leave your husband or dad for a few hours that is also possible.

Beauty lies at land's end, the Arch which you can only get to by boat.

Drove a dirt road for 40 minutes to find Sol de Mayo, then hiked down to this refreshing private water hole, I know it looks green but once we were down there it is clear and so very refreshing.

Took a swim in the Sea of Cortez, only had to share it with a few fishermen.

Drove to Todos Santos, saw this old
sign on a restaurant and gave it a try. Juicy burger and icy cold beer.

We found the Tropic of Cancer, represented by this large white ball, not sure the meaning.

You need to share the roads in Mexico with more than the living. Do you think that most of these memorials are people who were walking in the dark or driving drunk? I know that the majority are men.

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