Friday, October 10, 2008

A Day At The Trolley Dances

     On Sunday October 5 the Olear's and the Palafox's attended a unique dance performance called the Trolley Dances by Jean Isaacs' San Diego Dance Theater. There was a total of six dance performances at various trolley stops starting at the Fashion Valley Mall stop and all the way to the Santa Fe Depot stop for the final performance. The first dance was on the walking bridge between the trolley stop and the Town and Country Resort. The dancers were dressed like homeless people actually when we first arrived they did look like homeless people until the music started and was a great number. The second stop was the Morena Blvd. stop we walked up to the Morena Village swimming pool where the performance took place. This was different the dancers were all dressed in black and most of the dance took place in the pool, very unusual yet very cool. The third dance was across the street in the San Diego River walking path, The performers danced on the various paths using the bridges and benches as their props, they had a violinist playing some of the music while the speakers were hidden in the native vegetation which made the sounds and dances more Erie. The next stop was Old Town San Diego we gathered around one of the display adobes, this group was dressed like gun slingers and brothel girls, the dance consisted of a gun fight some great dancing. As we headed to the Santa Fe Station we made a stop at the Little Italy stop for a performance on the stair well of an abandoned building the theatrics of this group showed lots of energy. After this performance we took a break and went up to the Little Italy Spaghetteria  for a pizza and a beer, this was a very well deserved break. From there we walked down to the last performance spot at the Santa Fe Depot where the group dressed like travelers each had long trench coats and a rolling suit case bag, the dance consisted of a well choreographed travelers dance very fun to watch. 
     It was a fun day seeing these young dancer and their performances plus we learned about areas in our city like the San Diego River that we had never been to before. The best part was the company of our friends to share this with and a great lunch we had made the day. What a cool day.

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