Friday, October 10, 2008

Filming The Ex-List at Mission Hills Nursery

     This next blog has nothing to do with travel, but it was a unique event for us not only personally but for the business. We were asked to provide our business Mission Hills Nursery for a couple of scenes for a new television show called the "Ex List" which is being shot in San Diego mostly around the beach areas. We had a great time while they were filming, watching the way they set up the scenes and all the equipment used in doing it, our store was completely surrounded by equipment truck supporting the shoot. The staff was great they took great pride in not disrupting more than they had to and were very polite to all the employees. I learned that the shoot would only be a few minutes in the final cut and that it takes a week to shoot a total of 42 minutes for a hour long show, and they had about one hundred people working for the day. It is incredible I hope the show does well. The crew finally wrapped it up about 7:00 PM. Toni and I closed up and said thank you and good bye.

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