Friday, October 10, 2008

Chargers vs. Jets

     Well it was Father and Daughter day for me and Kristi, we went to see the Monday Night Footbal Game, between the San Diego Chargers and the New York Jets with Brett Farve as their new quarterback. As you can imagine Kristi and i were a bit apprehensive about the Chargers who had lost two games in the last few seconds of each of the previous two games, so we were hoping to see a motivated team with a strong desire to win and win big. I learned that New York fans are rowdy they sure make a lot noise over nothing, but I had to hear it from the moment I got on the trolley in Old Town all the way to Qualcom Stadium I am sure glad the Chargers won other wise you would have to listen to them on the way home. Then again I have to say many of the Charger fans were not feeling left out, you can see the picture of a couple Charger fans also. Any way Kristi and I had a great time, good company with my daughter and the game came out in our favor which made the drive home nice. No arm chair quarterbacking and picking the team apart, I hope they continue to do well, good luck to them and we the fans and their biggest fan of all Kristi.

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