Friday, October 10, 2008

Toni and I enjoying a morning in Balboa Park

     Toni and I spent the morning enjoying the sites at Balboa Park, it was great all the kids are now back in school and the many tourist who visit San Diegos' have gone home, it is so nice to have the park to ourselves and a few other locals. We started at the reflecting pond in front of the Botanical Building, the water lilies were in full bloom and the giant lily pads looked as if you could walk on them, I of course had to take a bunch of photographs, as you fan see from the first photo I caught Toni looking away and her reflection in the pond, she sure has lost lots of weight on her new diet. She looks great. We ran into Ruben from Channel 6 he was doing a shoot for his news segment. He remembered our son Tiger from the morning garden segments Tiger has done every once in a while, Ruben also mentioned he and Tiger have a mutual friend. That's him on the cell phone in between segments.
     We also discovered this cool Butterfly garden that we didn't know existed, so we spent some time there looking at the flowers and the various insects that hang out amongst them. I don't know who sponsors it, but keep up the good work over time it could become a great attraction for visitors especially children. Its located to the right as you walk towards the large fountain by the Ruben F. Fleet Space Theater right after the museum of Photography, you have to walk a few steps into a grotto. Later I found out the name of this garden and its called the Zoro Garden and it was a nudist colony during the 1935 California-Pacific Exposition, can you believe this after all this time the birds and the bees are still happening in this garden.
     Our treat for the morning was a bowl of Endamames we ate them at Japanese Friendship Garden restaurant sitting on there patio under the shady umbrellas watching the leaves on the trees enjoying good conversation with Toni and drinking a good cup of tea. I really enjoyed this  quiet morning, maybe I felt so unrushed as if I had all the time in the world, I look forward to doing this more often it really puts you in a good mood.

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