Sunday, September 7, 2008

Opening day of the Chargers Season

Toni, Kristi, Syd, and Jeff went to opening day, the start of the Chargers football season. Syd (Mom) and Jeff (Son) have been good friends from Lakeside where we lived, our kids grew up on the same block. Jeff and our son Fausto (Tiger) went to elementary school together and played little league (Rios Canyon Baseball). Rick(Syds husband, Syd, Clay (Brother) and Jeff moved from the area years ago but Syd and Toni have kept in touch through out the years. They made arrangements to meet for the opening game of the San Diego Chargers 2008 season. Syd and Jeff flew in from Las Vegas,  Me and Jeff (Kristi our daughters fiance stayed home and made dinner for the victors, however it did not turn out that way. The Chargers lost in the last two seconds, what a heart breaker. Well it was a good day the two families got reacquainted enjoyed a good contest and ended the day with a great meal. 'what a good day'

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