Monday, February 9, 2009

I became a Billionaire!

Flew over to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe where just about everyone is a billionaire. Picked up over 100 billion Zimbabwe dollar bills for less than $5.00 US dollars, only problem being they are all expired. At the airport you begin to see the economic struggles they are having, shops with little or no inventory, restaurants closed down. The people are just living, there is nothing to motivate them. Our hotel for the next 2 nights is Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, we arrive just in time to see the daily feeding frenzy. Every day around 1:00 pm one of the employees takes about 20 pounds of raw meat down to a clearing where within minutes voltures, storks, and other birds descend down and scarf it all up. I shot about 150 pictures of birds, feathers, and raw meat all flying around me. Didn't smell so good. Our main waitress was named Natallia which translates to Peace, she was very sweet.

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