Monday, February 9, 2009

Victoria Falls 1/7/09

Today is the day we've been talking about since leaving Johannesburg, we are heading off to Victoria Falls. David Livingstone a missionary and physician became the first European to witness the magnificence of Victoria Falls, a statue of this explorer is found at the beginning of the falls. As we proceed down our views get more and more magnificent. The volume of water at this time of year is spectacular. We are able to get the full experience, the sight, sound, and feel of the mist.
I'm not one to buy dust collectors yet I bought 2 hand carved stone pieces from 2 of the local artists. My largest piece is a kudu, very elegant. The 2nd piece is a stone with one half of a face carved into it. The artist calls it Eye Witness as it sees what is happening to their country. Everyone on the tour was buying and bartering, pens, shirts, even socks things the people need more than money.
Walking across from the falls wasn't enough for Steve & I so we head off for a 15 minute helicopter ride. Who knew my camera could take that many pictures so quickly? 400 in the 15 minute flight, what a thrill.

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