Monday, March 23, 2009

Catching up after Africa

     Good day everyone, I must apologize I have been very negligent on my blog an hope to catch up today. Just because I stopped writing does not mean the world stopped creating adventures for my to enjoy. So let me begin with February 22, Toni and I woe up real early to do a walk, Jeff, and Kristi drove Toni and I out to Mission Trails Regional Park to take part in 'Max and Jake's Big Race', it was actually more of a walk than a race. Hundreds of people too time out of there day to participate this morning, it started out with a warm up routine to get everybody blood flowing and then we were off for a self paced walk around Mission Trails, great way to start the morning. Max and Jake's Big Race was started by Jerilyn Hammerstrom and Paula Cook, Max and Jake's' Moms. Both Max and Jake have had heart issues and the mothers have used this event as a way to give back to 'Rady Children's Hospital Heart Institute'. Well done ladies!, I hope you continue to have great success in this endeavor and Thank You.

That same day right after Max and Jakes event we went to Rancho Bernado to se the Final stage of the 'Tour of California'. This nine day event race covered more than 750 miles of scenic California roads, visiting 16 cities and watched by thousands of cycling fans. The race began at noon in Rancho Bernado and ended in Escondido. Levi Leipheimer took the overall title for the third straght year, with an overall time of 31 hours, 28 minutes and 21 seconds.

This was a great oppurtunity for me to acually see a bike race with real pros, being a fan of the 'Tour de France' each year I sit down to see these biking greats. I was amazed to see how fast they move on these bikes and how close together they are from each other as they ride down the road, with crowds cheering them on.
I did get glimpses of some of the well known riders like Levi Leipeimer (USA), Lance Armstrong (USA) on his first come back race, David Zabriskie (USA), and many other European rides who I did not know or recognise. All in all it was a great day to spend with friends and relatives, Steve, and Vennessa did the walk with us earlier and Jeff and Kristi did the walk and watched the biking event. I look forward to the tour next year, so I can plan my observation points better.

Just a few day later we enjoyed a new experince, yes another first for Toni and myself we actually rode on a Mardi Gras foat and got to throw beeds to the crowds. The Historic Gaslamp Quarter in Downtown San Diego was the backdrop for the cities largest adults only party 'Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Celebration' we had the good fortune of riding in one of the more popular floats 'Dick's Last Resort' what a party crowd all having a great time drinking and throwing beeds at the adoring crowds, this is one post that you should look at the slide show the pics speak for themselves. I just hope we get an invite next year maybe have become a n annual event. Thanks Tiger, Janene, and Perry from Dicks we had a great time.

March 1st 2009, another first in our life a 'Gran Fondo' just down the street from our house near Little Italy, San Diego. The Little Italy bussiness association puts on many wonderful events on this day the put on the 'Gran Fondo Colnago' its italian for the 'Big Bike Ride' a long distance mass participation cycling event, not a race. This type of event is an Italian tradition, where hundreds of riders of all abilities participate. Gran Fondo's, are typically named after famous cyclist from the past of companies with a long hertiage in cycling. This years inagural event was named after of of cyclings great inovaters 'Ernesto Conalgo', Ernesto was present at the event aswell as a major sponsor of the event.
This years event had a 45 mile ride and a 100 mile ride which took riders all the way up to Alpine in the east county.
I got up early to watch the festivities and watch the rider begin the ride, after a while I left to go to work and I came back in the afternoon to watch the 100 mle riders come in to the finish. Ther were lots of people hanging out watching there friends come in and many booths with products being sold. This was a great event for down here I hope they continue this tradition maybe on year I will do the ride.

Thanks for waiting Till Next Time, Remember Life is an Adventure

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