Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm Back

I'm Back! We have not fallen off the face of the earth, it's just been a "work" year. Amazing how that four letter word gets in the way of travel. Yet it hasn't stopped Toni & myself from creating small adventures. And really without "work" we wouldn't have the resources to travel and make new adventures.

Before I get to the adventures I want to let everyone who doesn't already know that our daughter Kristi is busy planning her wedding to Jeffrey. They are getting married in October and have pretty much everything under control. Jeffrey is a bright man and very good at finding deals. Toni & I so far just offer moral support, and write a few checks.

Earlier this year with hundreds of other tennis shoes we headed for a 'walk' across the Coronado Bay Bridge. This annual event takes you from downtown near the convention center, into Barrio Logan, and across the bridge stopping in Tidelands Park. What a view from the center.
Coronado Bridge Walk/Run
We've driven across numerous times, especially when Tiger was swimming, I've sailed under it, but this was the first time I've walked it.Wow! The 3 mile walk was completed just in time before the hot sun came out.

It had been years since Toni & I went to Disneyland, what changes there are in the Magic Kingdom. We went this year with Kristi and Jeff to celebrate Kristi's birthday. What a surprise for the 3 of us as we were getting ready to leave a limo pulled up. Jeff arranged for us to ride up and back in a limo, what a treat. First time Toni & I had been in one and we were pleased to share the ride with 2 special people. We got up to Anaheim, checked into a hotel had a quick bite of dinner then off to sleep and dream of Disneyland. Woke up early the next morning, Kristi's actual birthday and spent the day exploring the new rides while reflecting back on the old ones. Fun place to people watch, if you can, but Kristi had us running all day. We did get to sit down for a few hours in California Adventure where we did wine tasting. Jeff and I rode the 'scary' rides while the girls watched and laughed at us.
Just last month we were able to get away from the four letter word and relax in Palm Springs, again thanks to Jeff & Kristi. Kristi and her bridemaids stayed 2 nights in Palm Springs yet the condo was available for the whole week, so Toni & I didn't want it to just sit empty. If you've ever been to Palm Springs you know that summer time is HOT HOT HOT, and this year is no different. We spent most of the time reading, taking naps, watching movies, eating, drinking, and all of the above over and over again.

One day we headed out early and took in the sights of Joshua Tree National Park. We hiked a very short hike due to the intense heat but plan to revisit in the cooler months.

On an earlier trip to Palm Springs Toni & I had stayed at what was then a new hotel called Zosa, we visited it this time for a fun evening of Cabaret done in drag. Check out the slide show. Thursday evenings the main street is closed down for a farmer's market/craft show and even with the heat people came out.

We have done day trips with our traveling buddies Steve & Vennessa and almost every one of them involves wine, food, or some other adult beverage. We are doing our part to stimulate the economy, one drink at a time.

I promise to post in a more timely manner from this time forward, too many pictures to choose from when describing our adventures.
To whatever new adventures await us!

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