Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jeff and Kristi's 'Sand Ceremony'

Well Toni and I just accomplished a tremendous milestone in our life. The marriage of our beautiful daughter, not that we had a hard time marrying her but rather that both of our children have found life mates. Kristi met Jeff about five years ago and Jeff asked for her hand in marriage about a year ago. You really have to hand it to Jeff because before he asked her, he asked my permission first, which really blew me away and endeared me to him even more (Good job Jeff asking the dad first).
Over the past year it has been a year of planning and organizing for Jeff and Kristi, for those of you who attended what you enjoyed was all done by Jeff and Kristi. Well done you two, it all went off without a hitch. Great food, Great surroundings and the beach idea fantastic.
So to the best part, the event, yes the wedding of the year took place in Coronado on October 9, 2009 and two of the most wonderful people joined sand bottles for eternity ( I'll explain later).
The day started about noon with bridesmaids and groomsmen preparing for that evenings ceremony. I visited Kristi at her hotel the 'Omni Hotel' downtown. Kristi and her bridesmaids Melissa Armstrong (Maid of Honor), Bobbie Bottroff, Janene Palafox, and Kristina Fox, were getting ready. I practiced my portrait photography on these poor girls, all while they were trying to get ready, they were good sports. Thanks Guys. The Limo arrived about 3:30 pm and they all left for Coronado where a photo shoot would take place at a park near the ferry landing. Toni and I followed in our truck. We were there just for back up in case the photographer needed me to help him (he didn't). Upon arriving the groom and his groomsmen were just getting done with their photo shoot. The guys were Jonathon Tague (Best Man), Dave Hensley, and Tiger Palafox. Jeff's family was also there David and Shelia Tague (Dad and Mom) along with his sister Julie and her two children.
The photo shoot was a blast with the girls posing for some beautiful shots as well as clowning for the camera o and by the way Toni and I also got our pictures taken. Toni couldn't contain herself she also made it known the she could model with the best of them, great job Toni.
The actual ceremony and wedding reception took place on the Naval Base in Coronado thanks to some good friends who helped Jeff and Kristi obtain the venue. Their wedding ceremony took place on the beach, guest were welcomed with sandals to walk on the beach the turn out was fantastic relatives from all over showed up and made the event memorable for Jeff and Kristi. The highlite of the ceremony was the choice by Jeff and Kristi as to who would conduct the ceremony, rather than any clergyman they chose Lou Diaz, a close family member. What a great choice, Lou did a fantastic job and made it very memorable for Jeff and Kristi, the ceremony was called the 'Sand Ceremony' as Lou read the vows Jeff and Kristi would repeat all while pouring sand into a bottle from each of their own bottles. Kristi's was white sand poured out of a Grey Goose Vodka bottle (you know Kristi) and Jeff poured red colored sand from a Heinz Ketchup bottle (Jeff's favorite). The date and their names are engraved on their sand vessel signifying their eternal love (Very Cool). Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Tague.
After the ceremony it was up to the reception area for a terrific dinner and an evening of dancing and enjoying each others company. Like most receptions it was wonderful the DJ really kept things lively and moving along. I think it truly was the wedding of the year.

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Ina said...

I hope you don't mind that I clicked on your blog from Trey and Jenna's. They had told us about Kristi's wedding and I just wanted to hear what you had to say about it. It sounds like it was a very beautiful celebration of love and family. Sincerely, Ina Wimsatt, (Rhonda's mom).