Saturday, January 2, 2010

On the Road Again

Well with Jeff and Kristi's wedding over (Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Tague) and the Christmas Tree Season behind us Toni, Steve, Vennessa and myself took a drive up to Los Angeles. In search of the worlds greatest and most perfect hamburger, I was listening to the food channel the other day and they were talking about this place in Los Angeles which had great hamburgers and wonderful ribs so I quickly looked up the information on the web and started to make plans for a road trip a road trip to 'The Original Texas Barbecue King", In South Los Angeles to see if it was really true or just B.S. So we asked Steve and Vennessa if they wanted to join us and they said yes lets go, we planned the date for Tuesday, December 29, 2009.
The drive was great a typical Southern California day in late December. After a couple of hours of driving and some good conversation with our friends we arrived at 5309 South Vermont in front of the King of Barbecues place. As a side note the area sucks pretty seedy but be brave and park in the front and everything will be O.K..
Once inside the restaurant was very clean very simple and the service was very good, once we oriented ourselves on all the menu offerings we gave the gentlemen our order and he also guided us on the best values. Since we wanted to taste a little bit of everything we had him serve it family style. The first item was the Hamburger, rather a 1 pound cheese burger I couldn't wait, next a rack of Baby Back Ribs that was number two on my list, but actually my favorite when I get the chance, third the Links something I have come to really enjoy if they are prepared correctly, we also had a full complement of side orders, french fries, potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans.
Well when the food came out the first item was the Cheeseburger and monster is a fair way to describe it, we quickly split it into quarters, can you imagine we each got a quarter pound burger from one giant cheeseburger. It came with all the trimmings and guess what it was well cooked yet very moist this Cheeseburger was worth the drive in itself. The Links came out next, they served us two so we split them up and each got a half. I thought the taste was great Toni thought they were to hot you know spicy hot but the flavor was great and well cooked, I had no problem eating them. Then the ribs Baby Back Ribs a full rack came out already cut into manageable pieces. You could smell the smokiness,the meat fell off the bones so even Vennessa enjoyed them. Toni really liked the sauce and I guess so did Steve since they bought a bottle to take home. The side were excellent also Toni really liked the coleslaw, I really enjoyed the French fries all in all the trip was well worth the drive. Its always nice to find new places to have a meal and enjoys the company of friends. Till the next time.

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