Monday, January 25, 2010

The Kid's Got New Diggs!

Well folks I am so proud of our children, in the last three months Fausto (Tiger), and Janene, Jeff and Kristi have taken a huge step in their relationships as married couples and life partners. These ambitious couples have both purchased their first homes. Both properties are beautiful and are large enough to start a family. Just a word of caution to you older visitors both homes are three stories, so put on your climbing shoes and travel light. Great Job to Fausto, Janene, Jeff, Kristi. Here are photos of the house being built for Jeff and Kristi, the development is called 'Northstar Sky Ranch', I will post Fausto and Janene's picks in the next week, by the way Dieter loves his new home.

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Jenna said...

Are you kidding me! Their house is gorgeous! Where is it at? We will be up there the week of March 15th for a few days. See you guys soon! Love you