Friday, April 23, 2010

Tequilla Helps the Healing Process

What is there to do when you can't work or drive? Invite your friends all together for a Tequilla Tasting. Steve & Vennessa were gracious and held the festivities at their house, ulterior motive, they needed to clean out their freezer. Everyone brought a bottle of Tequilla and without knowing who was bringing what we had no duplicates. First to be tasted was Casa Noble's white, rating was a scale of 1-5, 1 being lowest. This white was our only white and it rated a 3.

Jeff though our white tequilla affeciato gave it a higher score. Two Fingers ($13.00) brought to the group by the parents to be rated a -3, hope they pick diapers better than Tequilla. Next we moved onto Hussong's reposado, someone said it had a frosting smell, I think it was our

science teacher, overall it rated a 4.

Steve must have been feeling sorry for us, or maybe it was he had already drank too much cheap stuff because he pulled out a bottle of 1942, ($82.00) which everyone liked and rated a 5.

We began with a bottle from Casa Noble and ended with a resposado bottle from them, much smoother and had a hint of vanilla. Very Yummy, in fact I think I'll give it to Fausto to pour on his pancakes this weekend. That should help him forget his temporary disability and get him running around the hallways.

All in all a good evening, a strange meal to go with our Tequillas, from hash brown potatoes
to wontons and skewers of beef served with macaroni salad and ceasar salad. A few more friends joined us, 2 Patti(y)'s, Ira, Craig and Brandon. Everyone was smiling by the time we all left, and everyone had a designated driver so no worries. Next time we all get together we are going to be making sushi, I guess we'll have to do Sake tasting then.

Sometimes life gives you detours, Fausto is on one now and learning that slowing down isn't all that bad. And we have all learned to be a little more patient during the recovery period.

A toast to everyone, may our friendships continue to be filled with laughter.

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