Friday, October 8, 2010

The Adventures Continue

Tahoe Trip with Steve & Venessa began early Saturday morning. We headed to Death Valley, entering from Baker with it's giant temperature gauge. Stopping at Badwater, the lowest point in the u.s. just as we were setting up to take a group photo with the camera on automatic a French tourist walks in front of the camera, stops and looks at it. How funny would that photo have been, yet she walked away before it snapped. Note in the photos all the salt. Leaving the Devil's Golfcourse we drove to the Artist Pallette, a series of hills with the most beautiful soil colors. Ranges of reds, pinks, golds and lots of tectonic activity. All this salt made us hungry so we headed over to Furnace creek and enjoyed lunch with a roadrunner.
Off on a 27 mile off road trip which took us past Tea Kettle junction, where we hang a tea kettle. Our final destination at the end of the 27 miles is Race Track. Race track is known for trails which are left by moving rocks, no really concrete evidence for how they move just speculation. Vennessa discovered a petrified mushroom on her potty break while Fausto and Steve were photographing the sun setting while the moon was rising behind them. Leaving Death Valley and heading to Big Pine.
What does Steve like to tell everyone who drives? Never get below a half tank of gas. Well needless to say we went below half a tank in the dark and no other cars being seen for 3 hours. the last 40 miles getting into Big Pine is windy roads, and we coasted thru many of them arriving just as the gas station in Big Pine is closing with 2 gallons left in the tank. Question is...who was going to walk in the dark and try to find a phone, no reception on any of our cells. Luckily we didn't need to walk, the powers above coasted us to victory.
Good night's rest, breakfast in Bishop then into Mammoth.

First stop in Mammoth McDonald's, one Vennessa hadn't been to yet. These rocks are known as Devil's Postpile and are located on the back side of Mammoth. Mono Lake was our stopping point for a quick lunch which we enjoyed with the chirping of birds and rustle of leaves. Tahoe here we come.

Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe viewed it from the roads surrounding it, the different shades of blues are stunning. A real treasure. For our anniversary we rented a boat, Fausto put on his captain's hat and the 4 of us headed over to Emerald Bay to see the island up close. Cruised around for an hour then headed back to our hotel to rest up. Dinner out to celebrate with friends, Thank You guys for sharing our day with us.

Virginia City first stop was in a saloon where we quenched our thirst with bloody marys. Old town where proprietors dress in period clothing. Now we head over to Sparks where we stop into the largest sporting store ever. Fausto rode a Ferris Wheel for the first time and was spoked when Toni leaned over to look for Steve & Vennessa. In the store was as close to wildlife as we had gotten, they look pretty real don't they?

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