Monday, January 5, 2009


Driving over to JoBurg we go through some beautiful countryside. First stop was at the top of a mountain where we hiked down to a group of pot holes. These were made by the conversion of two rivers, the area is named after a man named Burke. I should have known the hike back up was going to be hot, the locals would stop and rest under each shade tree, I was drenched when I reached the top, but well worth it.
We then stopped by God's Window, funny thing as we entered we saw that God's Window has opening and closing times. Looking out to the east towards Kruger Park, where we had begun that morning, even with the clouds it was a tremendous view.
Vennessa and Toni bought themselves a small wooded carved leopard to commemorate our viewing from the day before.
Lunch was in a town called Graskrop where we feasted on the local pancakes. These were suppose to be crepes but were as thick as pancakes from IHop.
Beautiful and clean countryside with many European names on the towns. Farms with corn, watermelon and who knows what else. Trout fishing and weekend retreats. Everything is green now as this is the beginning of summer but in the winter it gets dry and brown, sound familiar? Eucalyptus trees are planted as wind breakers. NEWS FLASH - just passed a farm of cactus 'mamalaria', what do you think they would use them for? Maybe cactus apples or the flesh for beans, but doubtful as we have yet to find any Mexican restaurants.
Finally arrive at our hotel Protea Balalaika in Sandton. Tomorrow another new day and another new adventure.

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