Monday, January 5, 2009

Kruger Game Park day 2

Up at 5:00 am, well that was the plan but we didn't get our wake up call so everyone was on the bus waiting for Toni & myself. Turned out okay though because the gates to the park didn't open until later.
Guide for today was John, a quite happy chap with a thick South African accent. Very knowledgable of the flora & fauna. Just as we were setting up to get some photos of hippos John takes off and we speed away to a large pride of Lions, I would guess about 8-10 of them just 100' from our vehicle. Being early in the morning the youngsters were playfull while mom and dad just laid around watching, I'm glad they had already eaten. As we began to leave the lions we came across a whole group of Impalas so John turned back to see if the lions were going to be interested, no they were still too full from their earlier meal.
Spotted more giraffes, elephants, buffalo, monkeys, baboons and of course feeder fish impala. Overall a great safari.
Evening accomodations were next door to the park, fantastic viewing deck and lobby. I even taught the bartender how to make a martini.
Good night off to JoBurg, as us locals call Johannesburg tomorrow.

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