Monday, January 5, 2009

Kruger Game Park - Safari time again

Said good bye to Swaziland and added another 2 stamps to our passport. Headed to Kruger Game Park, back in South Africa for our big Safari. You've heard of the big 5? We began today with having seen 3 of the big 5 so on the look out for Lion and Leopard, the most elusive. Our guide for today Sinky showed us rather quickly that Impalas are like feeder fish, everywhere. After just a short time we stopped to photograph them. Sinky scored points when he got us close to a herd of elephants as the pictures will show. Vennessa told Sinky we still needed the last 2 to complete our viewing of the big 5. Oh we did see a pair of lion resting under a tree, but too far away to really please us, we wanted a closer encounter. The morning ended with seeing the 'leopard', but it turned out to be the leopard turtle. Lunch was under a palapa full of fruit bats, Toni never looked up, and hippos swimming by.

After lunch Vennessa put a $50.00 bounty on a leopard sighting, Sinky wasn't confident he could produce. Just off the main road by myself and Vennessa yelled "leopard stop" yet Sinky said no we were mistaken. We insisted he stop and go back, as he was reversing we looked forward and there meandering just in front of our jeep was the ever elusive leopard. He stopped to lick his paw then continued his walk to the other side. Were we excited or what? Cameras clicking and we thought video running. Turned out in the excitment Toni only hit one of the 2 buttons on the video camera, but we do have photos. Highlight of the day, high 5's by everyone in our group. Now we could say we viewed all 5 of the Big 5. Tomorrow would be another safari and anything we see will be a bonus.

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