Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cityfest in Hillcrest

One thing about staying close to home this year is we have been attending many more local events in our fair city.
On Sunday, August 9th we took a cab up to Hillcrest for their annual Cityfest. Again an event we've heard much about yet never had attended. Well worth the cab ride. Streets are lined with vendors selling Art, Food, chotskies, and almost anything else you can imagine. I wanted to buy Kristi a pair of Charger fairy wings, but Toni said "No, Jeff has put an end to Chargers and frogs in their house". We dined on BBQ and beer while people watching and listening to a few different bands, our favorite being The Tighten Ups.
As the sun set the area around the historical Hillcrest sign begin to fill up with people waiting for the re-lighting of the sign which had been refurbished. Mr. Todd Gloria, SD City Councilman did the honors and flipped the switch. The sign is again shining brightly in Hillcrest.
Life is good here in San Diego......till next time.

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